Meet the Staff

T R A N S C E N D    M E D I O C R I T Y

Once you have experienced excellence, you will never again be content with mediocrity.
It is with that thought in mind, that we introduce you to our staff, or more appropriately, Our Family.

photo General Joan

Joan Lenahan, Owner & Business Manager

Joan, a successful multi business owner, has had a love for competitive cheer since childhood. After a rewarding decade of competing with her school teams including Father Judge and Temple University, coaching became a regular part of her life. Coaching of her national champion elementary school teams in Philadelphia led to her recruitment into the world of all star cheer as a choreographer, competition judge and open team competitor. 

Joan is married with two children, both of which are extremely active in sports. Connor (11) is a CRWA wrestler.  He also trains and competes with SEPA,  Apache and MPR. Emma (8) fell under the spell of competitive cheer just minutes after meeting Coach Kelly and loves competing as a Renegade with Airborne Elite All Stars! 

Completely amazed at the talent and dedication of Coach Kelly, Joan decided it was time to embark on a new business venture that would bring her love for the sport full circle. 


Coach Kelly

Kelly Foy, Owner & Program Director

Kelly is home when she’s in the gym, she has been coaching recreational and USAG competitive gymnastics for over 25 years as well as 7 years coaching All Star Cheerleading. Her coaching career started in CT and has brought her to many gyms throughout the east coast with some of the most memorable years spent in GA. The move to Atlanta coincided with the 1996 Olympics and lead to some amazing years with The Gymnastics Academy Of Atlanta.  Kelly is recognized as an expert in her field and has been an enthusiastic presenter over the years for USAG regional and national conferences.

Kelly’s full time coaching career ended in October 2004 with the birth of her first child, Lindsay, who is an Airborne Elite competitive cheerleader. She continued to coach part time when her son, Logan was born in 2006. Logan enjoys “flipping” but truly loves playing travel soccer for CRUSA.

Once Kelly and Joan put their heads together there was no question that it was the right partnership and the right time to embark on this epic journey. Now Kelly is back home, in the gym and couldn’t be happier!



photo Coach Rosie

Rosie Moscariello, Tumbling & Stunting Instructor, All Star Coach

Rosie has been involved in the sport of cheerleading for 18 years! From popwarner cheer, to all-star and high school cheer, all the way to collegiate cheerleading where she was recruited by the University of Maryland to compete on a nationally-ranked team. Rosie is a four time All-American and in 2013 she became a NCA national champion as her team captured the title in the All-Girl D1 Division.

Her excellence in the sport naturally led her to coaching skill levels from youth to collegiate and in 2013 she was awarded National Cheerleading Association’s "Rookie Instructor of the Year."

As an award winning NCA coach, with an amazing personality and contagious energy, Rosie was clearly a perfect fit for the ATC family. Rosie is currently continuing her education as a graduate student at Temple University to receive her Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

Coach Caleb

Caleb Porter, Tumbling & Stunting Instructor, All Star Coach

Caleb has been a level 5 cheerleader and gymnast for over a decade.   He is currently competing on a IO5 Worlds team along side of Coach Rosie!  His excellence in the sport also led him to coaching with NCA and in 2015 he was awarded the National Cheerleading Association’s "Rookie Instructor of the Year."

Adding another award winning NCA coach, with an equally amazing personality and positive outlook was an easy choice to make.  We were thrilled to add Coach Caleb to the ATC family.  

Caleb's attention to detail and inventive imagination in choreography both challenge and excite our athletes Encouraging them to rise to the occasion has significantly increased the drive and dedication in our young athletes.  Caleb is currently a Bio major at Gywnedd Mercy.


photo Coach Dags

Sarah D'Agostino, All Star Coach

Sarah, or "Dags" as she is affectionatly known, started her cheerleading journey as a member of a training squad for the Pennsbury Rec program in 2004. She proceeded to cheer for Pennsbury High School for 4 years, and was a captain of her Varsity squad her senior year. Her squad won a national title two years in a row.

Dags has been an NCA Staff member since 2010 and has been a Head Instructor for NCA since 2014. She has been awarded the “Most Spirited Rookie,” award, “Most Spirited Veteran,” award, “Top Veteran Instructor” award and a top nominee for the “Leadership Award.”  Dags also works as the Maryland & Delaware State Director for Varsity. She represents both UCA & NCA and gives coaches and athletes the opportunity to experience summer camps in the Northeast region.  Coach Dags also coaches her High School Alma Matter Team - Go Falcons!

Despite her very busy schedule, her love of both All Star Cheer and Airborne keeps Coach Dags a treasured member of our family and you will see her coaching our Senior Team, Code Red, this 2017-2018 season.

Coach Steve

Steve Brown, Tumbling & Stunting Instructor, All Star Coach

Steve began cheerleading in 2002 at Bensalem High School and has went on to cheer professionally with the Philadelphia Soul as well as complete on IO5 Worlds Teams including Maximum All-Stars, Spirit Explosion, and South Jersey Storm.

Steve has continued to coach gymnastics and tumbling in Bucks County for over 12 years ranging in all ages and levels, fulfilling his passion for enabling athletes to being the best that they can be.

Steve’s extensive experience and loveable personality made him an instant favorite in the gym and adding Steve to our growing family strengthens our pledge of providing positive energy into the gym.

photo Coach Kelly Sally

Kelly Sally, Tumbling & Stunting Instructor, All Star Coach

Kelly has been involved in cheer, gymnastics, and hip hop dance for 15 years.  She is a USASF Certified Stunt and Tumbling Coach for levels 1 through 5 and has competed at the Cheerleading Worlds 6 times in the level 5 and 6 international coed divisions.


Kelly has also been a head instructor and choreographer for the National Cheerleaders Association since 2012 and has won the title "Most Dedicated Veteran" award!  Kelly has also judged at state and national level for All Star Cheer.  She rounds out her impressive resume by adding that she has studied at MCCC and is a certified phlebotomist.


The stars aligned perfectly late this summer and we were beyond excited to add Kelly to our amazing staff and within the first few practices it was clear that she belonged in the red and black and the wings look amazing on her!


Coach Derrick

Derrick Carthon, Tumbling & Stunting Instructor, All Star Coach

Derrick joins our family with a well rounded resume in both cheer and gymnastics. 

He is a graduate of CB South, and an alumni of World Cup Gemini, Cosmic Rays and Omni! Derrick enjoyed great success as a World Cup cheerleader including 4 natioanl titles and a top ten finish at the 2014 Worlds! He has also studied cosmetology and has had a hand in many of the amazing cheer looks you see on today's teams.  

Derrick is currently coaching Team Blitz with Coach Steve and you can bet that Derrick's keen sense of style will definetly shine through on the floor this year.

photo Coach Hayley

Hayley Fortino, Assistant Tumbling & Stunting Instructor & All Star Cheer Mentor

Hayley is a 16 year old junior at Neshaminy High School, but don't let her age and size fool you!  

Hayley is a power house tumbler and cheerleader, as well as a role model for the young athletes at ATC.  Hayley is currently competing in her 7th year of All Star Cheerleading on the Senior 5 World Cup Shooting Stars Team.  

To say that we were thrilled to add Hayley to our ATC family is an understatement.  She has quickly become an exemplary role model for athletic and academic excellence that our young athletes can truly relate to and aspire to imitate.   


Coach Danny

Danny Booth, Tumbling & Tricking Instructor

Danny came to the Airborne Family after a chance encounter. On a lunch break at work, Danny was showcasing his new tumbling and freestlye tricks in the parking lot and caught the eye of Coach Kelly while she was getting her car washed!  A brief conversation revealed the connections that neither one had known!

Danny has been a Martial Artist for 6 years, and has studied tumbling from the age of 10.  His knowledge of the arts as well as his eagerness to learn made him a perfect fit for our growing classes! 

Danny is a caring and compassionate coach that is driven to connect to each and every one of his students, which has made him one of our favorite additions to the ATC family.

photo Coach Sammy

Sammy Gottlieb, Hip Hop & Dance Instructor, All Star Prep Dance Team Coach

Sammy is an 18 year-old senior at Council Rock High School North. She has been dancing since the age of 2 and has been a member of Elite Dance Academy's competitive team for 10 years. At first, she started tumbling to complement her dance, but quickly grew to love it and has been tumbling for 7 years.

Sammy has won numerous awards at regional and national dance competitions including Senior Miss Onstage New York for her solo as well as first place national champions for her senior small group. Sammy has taken tap, hip hop, ballet, and jazz throughout her many years as a competitive dancer. She really loves working with the younger kids and seeing them learn new things. 

When adding an All Star Prep Dance Team to our program - Sammy was an easy choice!

Coach Kevin

Kevin Cantwell, Tumbling & Tricking Instructor

Kevin has a diverse background in athletic achievements including a blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do, a CB East Varsity diving team alumni and a passion for tricking and freerunning that led him to Airborne Training Center.

Kevin discovered his love of teaching after launching his own instructional web series on YouTube when he was just 14! After some formal training under our very own Coach Steve, Kevin discovered his strong passion for introducing the sport of tumbling to kids and helping them grow as athletes.

Kevin is also a current Sophomore at Rider University.

photo Coach Emily & Coach Brooke

Emily Custer and Brooke Anderson

Emily & Brooke are the first graduates of our junior coach program.  Both young women are athletes on our Senior Team and continue to successfully balance school, competitive All Star Cheer as well as coaching our younger athletes.  When envisioning our junior coach program, these two young ladies exempliifed everything that we had hoped the program would provide. 

Brooke and Emily have both represented Airborne Training Center at the 2017 East Coast USASF Conference where they completed their BOLT (Bettering Our Leaders of Tomorrow) Training.

We couldn't be prouder of this next generation of coaches and the leadership qualities they executive so beautifully.