Drop in classes

Trial classes are available on a limited basis and are subject to availability.  

To ensure a trial class is available for a specific class, please call the gym at (215) 675-9092 or email info@airbornetrainingcenter.com 

Admission to any and all classes requires a valid class registration or a trial class pass purchased online - no exceptions.

All participants must be registered to an Airborne Training Center account by a legal guardian.

All participants are subject to account level terms and conditions. 

Terms and Conditions

  • I/we do hereby permit the named student(s) to participate in tumbling, cheerleading or other physical activities while attending Airborne Training Center.  

  • By granting permission for said student(s) to participate in programs at Airborne Training Center, I/we assume full responsibility for said student’s personal safety.

  • I/we do hereby release Airborne Training Center, its supervision and employees, whether paid or volunteer, from any and all liabilities that may arise due to participation in any activity at Airborne Training Center or in which Airborne Training Center is participating elsewhere.

  • I/we understand that there is personal risk involved in any activity that involves motion, height, or rotation and that these activities can result in serious injury, disability, or death.

  • I/we declare that this student has been seen by a registered physician within the past year and has been cleared to participate in physical activity including tumbling and cheerleading.

  • I/we authorize Airborne Training Center to take, record, use broadcast or publish photographs, videotape or audiotape of the Participant in any media and for any lawful purpose whatsoever, including promotional or publicity purposes.

  • I waive any right the participant or I may have to approve or disapprove the finished product and/or use of such materials and to receive any royalties, profits or proceeds from such materials or finished product.

By purchasing this Trial Class Pass, I/we acknowledge the acceptance of the terms and conditions detailed above. 

  Drop in classes
$ 30.00