Airborne Elite History

Airborne Elite All Stars were formed in 2015 with just two small training teams and has quickly grown to house multiple D2 Summit Finalist as well as 2020 NCA Champions.


Upon opening Airborne Training Center in July of 2015, a quick and considerable interest in All Star Cheer was apparent in the new gym. Two training teams were formed and under the training of Coach Kelly and Coach Rosie, the training teams exhibited the debut performances of Airborne Elite All Stars at Philly Live in the spring of 2016. The thrill of the competition was the catalyst needed to publicly announce tryouts for the upcoming Season. These two unnamed original training teams are affectionally known as AE OGs.  The group photo of that fateful exhibition performance is immortalized in our parent lounge as TEAM 001. 


2016 – 20017 Season One

The turn out for season one was a shock! A successful four teams emerged after evaluations; Tiny Echo, Delta Divas, Charlie’s Angels and Alpha Army. Airborne Elite had arrived and competitors took notice. All four teams had an amazing season resulting in a gym now filled with banners and a lobby filled with trophies including a Silver and a Bronze US Finals Trophy.


2017 – 2018 Season Two

Season two produced an amazing five full year teams as well as two half year team. Tiny Recruits, The Rebels, The Renegades, Blitz, Bravo & Code Red hit the Varsity competition circuit hard in January and The Cadets and The Rangers rounded off the year amazingly competing in the second half of the season. With season two came a new opportunity. General Joan & Coach Kelly decided it was time to start accepting bids to the D2 Summit. Quickly after beginning the competition season, The Renegades won the gym’s first ever Wild Card bid to the D2 Summit and to put the icing on the cake, they upgraded to a Full Paid Bid at the Mid-Atlantic Championships in Wildwood, NJ. The post season comps for Season two brought home another US Finals Bronze trophy as well as a D2 Summit Finalist banner to celebrate The Reneagdes 11th place finish at the D2 Summit!


2018 – 2019 Season Three

Season three produced another seven competition hungry teams! Five full year teams; Renegades, Charlie’s Angels, Blitz, Commanders (our first level 4 team!) and Code Red as well as two half year teams; Cadets and Recon hit the gym ready to train & compete. The Cadets and Recon has an amazing season, making quite a name for themselves on the IEP circuit. Bids were flying in the gym, with four of our five full year teams earning a bid to the D2 Summit. The Red and Black made quite a splash in Orlando with three teams moving onto Finals & two teams placing top ten! Code Red placed an impressive second place at US Finals. The gym was now home to five D2 Summit Qualifier banners and four D2 Summit Finalist Banners as well as two Silver and two Bronze US Finals Trophies.  


2019 – 2020 Season Four

What a CRAZY season! Season four produced two full year local teams, six full year travel teams and two half year teams. That’s ten teams - Tiny Troops, Mini Ops, Renegades, Charlie’s Angels, Bullet Proof, Bomb Squad, Commanders, Code Red, Cadets and Lady Rangers. Season four brought with it a huge announcement – WE’RE GOING TO TEXAS! That’s right, we’re taking 101 full year travel athletes to NCA. By the time we were boarding the planes to Texas in late February, five of our six full year travel teams already secured bids to the D2 Summit. Bid reveals became the Monday evening normal in Season 4.  The thrill of NCA was amazing, competing at the largest All-Star Competition in the world was indescribable and bringing home two bronze medals for Charlie’s Angels and Commanders was remarkable. BUT  the absolute elation of watching as Junior 2 team, Bullet Proof, secure a first place NCA trophy is something that we will never forget.  Trophies, jackets and rings – Oh My! Leaving NCA we were ready to hit our last regular season comp, where we were confident that Code Red was going to secure the last of the D2 bids needed to round out our perfect season and BAM – COVID 19 stopped our prefect season in its tracks. The gym was forced closed for 3.5 months.


Coach Kelly & General Joan knew they couldn’t rest during this downtime and instead of crying over the loss, we double downed and reinvested everything in a brand-new beautiful gym. Season 5 will no doubt prove to be the season that we thrive. #5StarSeason #ThriveInSeason5